Pressure Washing- We do a thorough job washing and bleaching surfaces where needed and make sure the surface is ready for paint.

    Surface Preparation – The most important part of redecorating, properly preparing surfaces makes the difference between amateur and professional results. blast, strip or scrape away old coverings – whatever is necessary to achieve a smooth, treatment-ready surface.
    Brush and Roller Painting – These tried and true methods are still preferred for many types of paint and we excel at using them.
    Stain and Varnish – We can restore the original luster to worn wood surfaces or finish and protect new ones to suit your style.
    Spray Painting – Rejuvenate tired HVAC registers, file cabinets or shelving. Or establish a multicolor theme in an entrance or hallway. We're experienced in conventional, HVLP, and airless.
    Specialty Coatings – Protect your surfaces using the latest coating technology. We're versed in all of them, including Duroplex™, Descoglas™ and 100% epoxy floor coatings.
    Lead Maintenance and Removal – If you have a pre-1980s structure, lead coatings may have used at some time in the past. Whether you need to maintain or remove it.